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LAST run of the fucking woods shirts! really!

ok, so i really thought i was done with these, since the 40th was the final festival and this shirt seems to not really have much relevance outside of festival… i though to myself, who would want these after fest? so i didn’t print up a bunch to take to fest to sell cuz i thought, a) so many women had ordered them that the market was saturated, and, b) i didn’t want to end up with extra cuz i’d never be able to sell them and it would be a loss. so i did a big print run in the spring and kept selling off the extras til right before fest. i had FOUR left that i took with me to fest and they sold to the workers at the craft sale in like 3 minutes!

yes, i should have printed more. clearly.

and last wednesday, when i emerged from the woods and my cell phone finally downloaded all my emails from the past 3 weeks, i had 5 requests already for shirts. plus 3 workers who begged me on my drive out the gate to reprint them after i got home. so i knew i needed to do one last run.

so here we go. this is what i posted this morning on facebook on various michfest pages. i already have 15 shirt orders! i love you crazy womyn!! your thirst for humorous unofficial fest memorabilia is unending!

“hey y’all, i know lots of womyn who did fundraising shirts or other items are doing post-fest runs and folks are probably short on money coming off of fest… so i’m gonna do pre-orders and leave it open for a couple of weeks. also to just give myself time to get back into life and find the time to print.

but if you want one of the LAST run of WE’RE IN THE FUCKING WOODS tanks, i’m taking pre-orders via paypal – $15 for the shirt plus $6 for priority shipping = $21. (i use priority cuz it saves me having to pay for packaging supplies.) or if you need me to invoice you, fb message me or email me at the above address. (don’t just respond here cuz i’m trying not to be on facebook as much and i might miss it.) PLEASE INDICATE WHAT SIZE(S) YOU NEED.

alternately, if you would rather use your debit card via squarecash, it’s:$mags. but please send me a message with your address and size.

(i will run the teespring campaign that offers shirts other than ribbed tanks after i do the handprinted run. too hard to keep track of multiple things at once.)

honestly, the screen for this shirt is deteriorating and i’ve been fixing/patching it up but it’s really just about beyond repair and i’m not gonna make a new one, so this really is the last printing with it. i didn’t think anyone would want the shirt after festival but i’ve gotten so many requests – i am humbled and so very grateful.

thank you all SO much for all your love and support with this and all my creations over the years. it has truly been my honor to celebrate our culture with you via my work. xoxo”


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no more fucking woods shirts!

ok y’all, as you may notice, i have deleted the previous post with all the ordering information about the “we’re in the fucking woods” shirts because i am no longer taking orders. i have printed all the shirts i have and all but a few are spoken for. i will post again when it is all sorted out with what is left but there’s not many. if you send me an order now i will just be returning it as i don’t have time or energy to keep printing these things throughout the summer.

however, i will be posting a teespring campaign in just a few days so you can order that way. they will look mostly the same, though i wasn’t able to exactly match the font and i think the design will print a little larger on the shirts. but you’ll have many more shirt styles to choose from. so hang tight.

and thank you to everyone who put in an order. i’m headed to the post office right now with 25+ packages to get shipped out to all of you who pre-ordered. you should get them by the end of the week.

see you in the (beautiful) fucking woods!

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last night a brass band saved my life… again.

it’s back! just in time for jazz fest! i’ve set the campaign to only run 5 days so that it ends and the shirts are produced and shipped to get here in the next few weeks. so order up now! several styles and colors – and the hanes tagless shirts go up to size 5xl!

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 8.19.13 AM

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last night a brass band saved my life… shirts available again!

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army of lovers shirts available again…

ok, the shirts are available again for the next 10 days – just in time for christmas!! order here:

also, kids’ sizes are available finally!!

and lastly, let me remind you that i still have plenty of army of lovers stickers left – see last post for the details on ordering.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.00.57 PM

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army of lovers, part 2

first of all, i just want to offer my humblest of thanks to everyone who supported me with orders earlier this summer as i was fundraising to get myself on vacation and off to michfest. between the brass band saved my life and army of lovers tshirt campaigns on teespring and my online yard sale of old art/craft stock hanging around the house, i made enough $$ to cover my rent and bills for august so that i was able to absorb the loss of income while i was gone for 3 weeks to the woods. i had such a lovely time at what was probably my mellowest michfest ever – and i really needed that. so thank you, every one of you.

i have returned from fest refreshed and rejuvenated, though still broke. thankfully i have 2 work weeks left in the month to hustle up $$ for rent and bills for september, and the dog walking and pet sitting bookings are coming in, so i should be ok. but i am going to try to continue to do the side-hustle with the creative endeavors just in case, and also because it feels really good to be doing creative things again.

so the first thing i want to offer is that after i designed the “army of lovers” tshirt, i had the brilliant idea to get high-quality stickers made with the same slogan, with the intention of selling them at fest for $1 each. unfortunately, they didn’t get printed on time and though they did manage to find their way to me while i was in the woods, it was a little late in my time there and i just didn’t have much of an opportunity to sell them. i printed 250 of them and have probably only sold about 30 at the most so far – not even enough to break even on the cost of the printing.

army of lovers stickers

therefore, i am going to offer them here. the stickers are 4 inches by 2 inches, slightly wider than a standard business card, silkscreen printed with UV coating and therefore suitable for car bumpers, motorcycles, scooters, bikes, skateboards, helmets or any other outdoor use. (i personally put one on my nalgene water bottle i take with me everywhere.)

since i have to mail them to you, which will cost me the envelope and a stamp (and paypal fees for electronic payment), i’m going to do 1 sticker for $2, 3 stickers for $5, and 6 for $10. (if you want more than that, just email me.) when you hit the “buy now” paypal button below, just input the dollar amount that corresponds to how many stickers you want. it should be that simple. make sure your paypal address that comes to me with your payment is your correct shipping address.


and that’s it! (alternately, if you have a paypal account, you can just sign in and “send money” to me at mags at artbymags dot com in whatever denomination corresponds to however many stickers you want.)

stay tuned as i will be running the tshirt campaign again soon with perhaps a few changes in style/color offerings for those who missed it the first time around.

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