art is life. life is art.
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about me

hi. i’m mags. and this is the website i maintain to talk about and sometimes sell my art and craft.

i’ve been a lifelong maker of things, writer of words, dreamer of dreams. i’ve had a few different lives as an artist/crafter in various capacities over the years: folk art furniture painter, silkscreen t-shirt printer, sign-maker, crafter, stencil artist, etc.

but for the past 3 years, i’ve basically been on hiatus from any kind of creating, focusing instead on my dog-walking and pet-sitting biz, wags by mags! i have to say, it was frankly really good for me to take a break for a while.

but now it’s time to get back to making. i miss it. and it’s calling me.

it’ll probably be a very slow wind-up, and i may even decide to change my biz name and therefore the name of this website (not sure yet, haven’t decided). but i am starting to make the motions to get back in balance, get back to making and creating and expressing myself again. so stay tuned.

feel free to contact me if you have any questions or inquiries.

i also have a very neglected and therefore out of date personal blog at: these are the things. maybe i’ll get back to it eventually.