on hiatus

not that anyone really looks at this site anymore anyways, but just a note to say that art by mags is officially on hiatus now, indefinitely. i’m super focused on wags by mags! and though i may or may not still occasionally create things, i am not focused on art as a business or even much of a hobby right now. i even dropped out of the new orleans craft mafia – so you know i’m serious.

i just need a break, some extended time away from the hustle of constantly making stuff. i’m sure i will go back to it eventually, in some way – i have always been and will always be a maker, a creator – but it will likely not be as art by mags. i’m not quite ready to tear down the site and give up the domain, though. so i guess it’ll just sit here as an archive, for now. we shall see what happens down the line.

of course, if you have specific requests, i will still entertain custom orders at any time. just know it will probably take me much longer to do it, as i try to find the time in between the dogs and cats.

thanks, everyone, for all your support of my art-and-crafty life over the years.

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