here’s where you can purchase art by mags! designs and handmade work:

hand made/printed things can be found via artbymags etsy shop. these are going to be things hand printed, painted, stenciled, etc. by me at home, i.e. t-shirts, canvases, and other objects, plus some of the stickers and patches i’ve had made by reputable companies, shipped out by me. stock fluctuates wildly as i try to keep up with demand.

artbymags storefront. teespring is a print-on-demand drop-shipper that does high quality silkscreen and digital printing of apparel, totes and mugs. i upload my designs, pick the products and they handle the order fulfillment and shipping.  they operate on a time-limited “campaign” structure but i am in the process of filling up my storefront with automatically relaunching campaigns so the designs are always available. i am able to offer more brand/style/cut/color options via teespring than what i can normally print at home.