i made this design back in the fall of 2016 right after the presidential election. a simple concept, but a much-needed one in that moment in time. i initially made stickers and sold thousands of them. i also made tshirts. i originally hand-printed tshirts on my kitchen counter with a hand-drawn screen; i printed and sold hundreds of them. eventually i switched to print-on-demand cuz i couldn’t keep up with, well, the demand. the design remained popular throughout trump’s years in office.

once biden was elected, interest in the design waned as we all took a breather. but, well, here we are again. the day that the leaked draft opinion on dobbs from the supreme court was released, i made an image of this design my facebook cover photo. no one really noticed until today. the post is from 2016 and the comments are mostly from then or a few years later. but people never look at the dates and i guess folks thought it was a new post… and now folks who never knew about the design before – maybe we weren’t friends then, maybe they just weren’t on facebook much – now want the design. cuz, well, we are again in a moment in need of resistance.


here’s where you can buy the t-shirt/tank top/hoodie and a bunch of other options. scroll down on the page and you’ll see all the various shirt options. (i’m working on a new campaign that will offer different colors of shirts – stay tuned.)

and here’s where you can buy the stickers in my etsy shop.

i’m currently brainstorming to come up with a more abortion-rights-specific design. i can’t believe i never made one before now. if you have thoughts about a slogan or saying or concept that you’d love to wear on a shirt or have on a sticker that fits our now post-roe world and that you aren’t seeing out there, message me your ideas. whatever i come up with, most of the profits will go to the new orleans abortion fund.