it’s a rather long story as to how i ended up being the maker of recycled LP wall clocks for a long stretch of my artistic life, but the short version of it is that as a long-time dj, i had a LOT of unusable vinyl lps (promos) sitting around my apartment. it pained me to throw them out, so instead, i decided to recycle them as a canvas for my (at the time) new-found interest in stencilling, which had grown out of my own political activism.

after trying to sell my new stencil “paintings” for a while with little success, a girlfriend of mine at the time suggested i put clock mechanisms in them. i was at first resistant, but the concept of making them functional art intrigued me, and sure enough, once i did, sales picked up. they were a staple of my creative life for many years, but i now no longer make them.

i made many designs and branched out to 10-inch and 7-inch record clocks as well, though the 12-inch was always the bestseller.

black and gold skull de lis clock