i first took a printmaking class in college, at vanderbilt university. my professor there, marilyn murphy, was an important mentor to me and encouraged my interest in printmaking and art creation in general. i first learned how to print t-shirts from my friend and mentor, nita tatum. i worked with her in her new orleans screen printing shop for about 10 years. along the way, i started making t-shirt designs of my own for grassroots groups with which i was involved, and even one or two for myself.

when i discovered street stencilling and started making clocks, i was also stencilling (with spray paint) onto t-shirts. eventually, i got myself a very simple one-color silkscreen press, so i could print designs at home, diy-style. i slowly transfered all my handcut stencil designs over to silkscreen and printed them up on all manner of clothing.









more recently, i’ve been both hand printing as well as utilizing print-on-demand sites to print and drop ship my designs.

beware the pussy!