elysian fleas this weekend

the elysian fleas market is back after a bit of a hiatus. in this time, however, they’ve reorganized, hired a full-time market manager, and have decided to make the market a both-days-of-the-weekend, every-weekend kinda market. that’s right – 8 markets a month! and while i have my own personal curiosity about whether the community will support the increase in frequency of this market (i hope they do!), elysian fleas is well situated in the marigny, right outside the french quarter on elysian fields on the corner of chartres, to catch a lot of foot traffic between the touristy french quarter/marigny triangle area and the hipster/cultural epicenter of the bywater. so it might just work.

regardless, the emptiness of my wallet has led me to decide to, at the last minute, request a booth for saturday at the “soft launch” of the new-and-improved elysian fleas market. i’ll have all my usual crafty/folk art wares, plus maybe some flea type things like cds and whatever else i can scrounge up around here. and it being an off-weekend for BERG practice means fae can actually join me. the weather is predicted to be beautiful – 0% chance of rain right now and sunny all day with warm temps – and the vibe is always pretty laid back and fun at this market.

so. i know there’s a lot going on this weekend, and the gorgeous spring weather has folks itching to get out and enjoy the day. but while you are out and about, stop by and check out the eclectic offerings at elysian fleas and come say hello. there’ll be food and cocktails and music, so why not?

full press release from elysian fleas is below:

Elysian Fleas
Saturday, March 27th
Sunday, March 28th
11 am to 5 pm
527 Elysian Fields
corner of Chartres St.

Elysian Fleas Springs Back to Life as a Weekly Market!

After a short hiatus to prepare for our big relaunch, we’re coming back as a weekly market every Saturday and Sunday 8 ,days a month! Gates open to the public with our soft opening on March 27-28 heralding the Grand Opening on Easter Weekend April 3-4. Hours are 11 am to 5 pm.

“We are going weekly to more fully enjoy the spring,” says James Michalopoulos, who hosts Elysian Fleas in the shady, tree-lined courtyard next to Michalopoulos Studio at 527 Elysian Fields on the corner of Chartres St. “This is a test to see how much fun we can have and how well it will work.”

Launched as a monthly market, Elysian Fleas quickly became a vital part of the neighborhood.

“The Faubourg Marigny and Bywater community so embraced Elysian Fleas,” says Reese Johanson of Artist Inc., which produces the market with the sponsorship of Old New Orleans Rum. “We realized New Orleans would support a regular weekly market like the village markets in Europe. People know they can come and get their cheese from farmer Jacques, and that Claudette emptied her attic and will be selling everything this weekend. It’s not only a place to shop and meet your friends for a drink or lunch. It’s also a community-building experience.”

To take Elysian Fleas to next level, the market hired Prachi Vij as full time manager. A local Marigny gal, Prachi was looking to bring her corporate event planning skills to grassroots community endeavors. “It’s a great match!” says Johanson. “We are so happy to have found her!”

Every Saturday and Sunday, beginning March 27-28, Elysian Fleas will feature a spicy New Orleans mix of flea market trash and treasures; creative art, jewelry & crafts; and delicious food & drink from some of New Orleans’ best al fresco vendors.

Longtime shoppers will recognize old favorites like Sally’s Gourmet Country Foods, Beaucoup Nola (fresh-squeezed juices, snowballs & salads), Straight From the Hipster Used Books, Cree’s Cheap Chic, Righteous Fur nutria-teeth jewelry and Susie’s Vintage Hats. New vendors range from Upper Ninth Herbal Skin Care Products to Le Divina Gelateria gelato to Fang & Feather swamp jewelry and Bridget Callais’ gulf shrimp from down the bayou.

“In the future, we’re looking to add produce, more flea market and garage sale people, perhaps a florist and a wine seller,” says Johanson. “We will have a certain percentage of vendors you can count on, but most of the vendors will rotate so there will always be a variety of fare.”

Always on the menu: Old New Orleans Rum cocktails, Abita beer and a lively grab-bag of street entertainers, from wandering minstrels to jugglers, magicians and fire-eaters. As Johanson puts it: “Expect the unexpected.”

Contact Prachi Vig at prachi.elysianfleas@gmail.com