holiday shopping season is coming…

i just realized i hadn’t updated here in a long while, so let me catch you up now that we are slowly making our way into fall and soon the holiday shopping season. as usual, if you want more frequent updates, you should really follow me on instagram or facebook or patreon.

i’ve spent the last many months struggling to nail down the process of creating film positives and burning my own screens to print. it sounds like it should have been simple, as i’ve been doing some variation of printing since i was in college, but due to the fact that i’m working in my tiny house that has no doors and is FILLED with cat fur from my two fat happy cats, with chemicals i’m not familiar with and a laser printer that is not the correct type for printing out film positives… well, suffice it to say it’s been a trial and error fiasco. i hesitantly say i *think* i have it mostly down now and have successfully (so far) made a few usable screens with which i have printed some shirts and paper prints, but i know the learning process continues.

all of this trial and error has cost me a lot of money and has resulted in very little to show for it in the way of sellable goods. thankfully my supporters over at patreon have helped cover some of that cost. and hopefully i will recoup some of that money when the holiday sales start picking up.

in just the past two weeks, i have restocked my RESIST tshirts in my etsy shop, in both mens (in both black and white shirts) and womens cuts, and i have done a short run of KEEP LOVING KEEP FIGHTING shirts on a new color, which are also in my etsy shop.

i also updated my teespring store with a new RESIST design offering – flags!! i can’t wait til the one i ordered arrives so i can see what it looks like. i’ll be sure to update this post with a pic when it does.

my newest design is actually an old design reimagined. SPREAD LOVE was one of the sayings i used to make on stenciled bottlecap signs years ago. when the sticker company i use sent me a recent sale email, i decided to resuscitate that design to take advantage of the sale and see how circular stickers would look. here is the result:













i only got 50 of them cuz that’s what the sale was for, and i’m holding half of them for my patreon subscribers, but i’m thinking of running more. i can’t decide if i want to keep the circle, though, or turn it into a small rectangular or square design instead. thoughts?

so. i haven’t exactly been dormant the past six months or so, but there also hasn’t been a lot to share. until now. but stay tuned, cuz i have a lot of things i’m working on and that will hopefully see the light of day soon! watch this space!!!!