never forget.

most of you will know this, but for anyone who perhaps isn’t aware… today is the one year anniversary of the bp oilpolcalypse. i can’t believe it’s been a whole year since the nightmare began.

the times-picayune has a special section with many, many good articles and editorials. you should read it.

we should all remember the eleven men who died in that explosion.

we should all be aware that those closest to the oil-infected waters, and who worked in the clean-up effort, continue to deal daily with lingering health effects from exposure to the oil and the corexit dispersant used in the clean-up.

we should all continue to be aware that we still don’t know what the longterm effects of the spill will be. and that the seafood that is being harvested from the affected waters may or may not be safe.

and sadly, we should be aware that the same thing could happen again today, tomorrow or any day, because not enough measures have been taken to avoid the same situations that caused the bp spill.

so, please. keep spreading this information. keep talking to your friends, family, neighbors. keep pressure on your legislators.

and keep praying. for the gulf. for the planet. for humanity.


send love to the gulf