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i mean, while you’re here, you might as well. right?

if you managed to land on this blog page, i would like to think it’s because you followed a link somewhere regarding my art or a facebook or twitter or instagram post i made, most likely about my art or life as an artist or, well, who knows what.

i am just in the starting phase of accumulating signups for this theoretical newsletter, but i promise once i do start sending it out, it won’t be all that frequently and it won’t be as verbose as i am here on this blog or on my social media. i really just want to have a way to reach folks in case for some reason social media sites go down or go away (i mean, it could happen) or something happens to this blog. if i have your email for my list, then i still have a basic way to reach you to keep you updated about what’s going on with my art/business.

maybe sometime in the (hopefully near) future i might have a painting in an art show somewhere. or maybe i’ll actually end up with paintings i want to sell. or who knows what else might happen now that i’m trying to take my art more seriously. and i want to be able to keep you informed. i mean, if you want to be informed.

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