theresa andersson is awesome

i know this isn’t usually a music blog, but i did vow to shake up the content of my blog when i switched over to wordpress… so every now and then when i’m excited by something, i’ll be sharing it here.

this music video showed up in my inbox this morning via theresa andersson‘s publicist, and i thought you might like it too. it’s from her forthcoming live dvd theresa andersson: live at le petit, shot here in new orleans at le petit theatre in the french quarter.

i fell in love with theresa andersson when i first saw her one-woman-band kitchen video for “na na na” from her latest album humingbird, go! (basin street records) which became an overnight viral hit. i’d seen her at jazz fest before and enjoyed her performances, but her most recent album really cemented it for me and has become one of my favorites. and now that i’ve seen this clip from the forthcoming dvd, i might just need to get me a copy. word has it the legendary allen toussaint guest stars on it. (oh, and check her performance schedule – she’ll be out at jazz fest again this year and playing around town a bit later this month. she’s great live.)

now back to writing my july music column. (i finally settled on featuring sia, k.d. lang, and lucy woodward, for those of you who just can’t wait until july to get the scoop.)