banksy’s “exit through the gift shop”

i’m working outside today making clock faces and signs and who knows what else, but every now and then i gotta take a break and come inside and sit a spell… and just now, when i did, this was in my feed reader:

as many of you know, i (and half the rest of the world) am a big banksy fan. when he came here in 2008, i spent a considerable amount of time driving around town trying to find and photograph all his murals. there were a few i never did find, and a few that got covered up/destroyed before i could see them, but i was delighted to have gotten to see many of them. and a good amount of them still exist if you look hard enough.

so when i heard about this film, i was intrigued. and now the buzz is really starting to grow. it says it’s opening in the u.s. on april 16th, but no telling if we’ll ever get a chance to see it here in nola, though i sure hope so. seems like there’d be a huge audience for it, judging by the amount of interest generated by his street pieces here.

enjoy this five minute trailer that gives a good idea what the film is about.