#defendwhodat, indeed

who dat signswow, i bet the nfl didn’t realize what a can of woop-ass it was opening up, sending fleurty girl and storyville those cease & desist letters?

for my part, i’m here to tell ya, i’m going to keep making my little salvaged-wood-with-bottlecaps “who dat!” signs as long as people keep buying ’em. and if the nfl comes-a-knockin’, they can have their 10% of the 7 or 8 of these signs i’ve sold since i started making them at the beginning of the season. really. i can probably come up with the change.

but i think it’s all bullshit. they can and i’m sure have copyrighted and/or trademarked their saints’ specific stuff, like their particular fleur de lis, especially when used in conjunction with black and gold colors. and that’s legit. but unless someone is blatantly ripping off the very particular nfl-created saints merch – which i’m sure plenty of those stupid fucking t-shirt shops in the french quarter and in the french market are doing – then there shouldn’t be a problem.

“who dat” is not something the saints team says; it’s something the FANS say. and the nfl doesn’t own the fans. they know damn well it wouldn’t hold up in court, but they also know damn well that little guys (gals) like lauren thom (fleurty girl) can’t afford a big legal battle, so they feel comfortable going after her. but she’s smart, milking this for all the pr she can get, and rallying the who dat nation to her side. if the nfl chooses to go forward with this, they will have a pr nightmare on their hands, and be accused of dampening the spirits of the city who just got their groove back due to their team making it to the superbowl.

really, nfl, is this how you want it to play out? i really don’t think you do. but i guess we’ll see.

**in doing a simple trademark search via the us trademarks and patents office, i don’t see the nfl listed anywhere as having any claim to the term “who dat.” i see a few others listed, as pertains to specific products or usages of the term, but i don’t see the nfl listed.

update: this statement by the monistere brothers, the actual trademark holders of the term “who dat,” via their company who dat inc., was posted this evening. seems like this clears things up.

geaux saints!

wow, it’s hard to even think today, what with all the excitement about the saints game on sunday. my twitter and facebook feeds are afire with who-dat fever and the mainstream media are flooding the interwebs with football-related headlines, trying to outdo each other.

so it seems like a good time for some shameless plugging of my own little bits of saints-inspired craftiness, in case you’ve forgotten:

my skull de lis shirt

yes, i still have a bunch of these tees left. all sizes from small up to 2xl in mens/unisex. they are on gildan 4.5oz ringspun cotton, which fit somewhere in between the boxiness of a standard hanes or fruit of the loom type tee and the form-fittingness of an american apparel tee. great for game day, i tell ya! (i was wearing mine last week when we won, and will be wearing it again on sunday!)

my who dat sign

or maybe you need a little who dat! decor for the house, a little good luck juju for the boys in black and gold? i still have a couple of these signs left, too.

black and gold fleur de lis clock

black and gold skull de lis clock

and of course, there’s always an abundance of black and gold new orleans-themed recycled lp clocks, too, if you’d like some year-round decor. it’s always black and gold time!

for all of the above, click on the pic to order, or get in touch to arrange for pick-up/delivery.

geaux saints! black and gold superbowl!!!